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Ken Jordan
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Peter Jacques
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Neil Lister
Julian is the acknowledged heart-surgeon of LandCruisers for good reason; what he doesn’t know is not worth knowing.  Read More…
Barrie Dunbar
His enthusiasm and knowledge is unrivalled in the UK (or Libya and Morocco as well, BTW). We wish Julian and Overland Cruisers all the very best.  Read More…
Paul Blackburn
I would have no hesitation in recommending Julian to do work on your Landcruiser, I have always found him to be very knowledgeable and friendly.  Read More…
Chas Spencer
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Graham Smith
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Daniel Dungate
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Barbara Hawksley
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Andrew Wightman
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Charlie & Nina
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Damien J. Hill
I am happy to say that I would thoroughly recommend Julian and his work to anyone, and would be happy to be contacted to verify this.  Read More…
Paul Mills


As well as a good set of tools you should also carry a number of consumables to cover most eventualities..



Always useful for light lubrication and spraying on seized nuts and bolts.



When re-assembling items on the body and chassis, I always put a blob of coppereaze on the threads to eaze re-assembly and it also helps with dis-assembly in the future.  It can also be useful when you have dry joints on things like battery earth wires.


Silicone based Dry Lube

This is invaluable for a wide range of uses from easing squeaky joints, squeaks on internal body panels through to zips on tents.  Aim for the 'Dry Lube' style of spray so that it doesn't attract dust.


Spare Fuses

Get an assorted pack of spare blade fuses


30amp wire

Get a small roll of 30amp rates wire, it will always come in handy for something


Spare Bulbs

In several European contries it is actually a legal requirement to carry a set of spare bulbs, which is why places like Halfords will be able to provide you with a spare bulb pack containing the most common bulbs.


Gasket Sealant

Hopefully you won't need it often, but worth getting a small tube of high temperature gasket sealant


Exhaust Sealant

It's always worth carrying a small tin of something like Gun Gum exhaust paste as well as one of their exhaust bandage packages for patching any holes.


Hand Cleaner

There is nothing worse than oily hands and more often than not washing up liquid won't do so do get a small tub of hand cleaner, preferably some with grit or an abraisive texture to give a thorough clean.  My personal favourite is a product called Manista which you can get in a handy tube.


Rubber Gloves

Not necessarily as an alternative to the above, but always useful, get a box of powdered, preferably nitrile based workshop gloves.  I specify nitrile because unlike most other types of gloves they won't dissolve in diesel


Blue Workshop Rags

Most Motor Factors sell rolls of blue tissue, a bit like Kitchen roll, but more suited to workshop use.  This is well worth getting and can be used for anything from cleaning up components, wiping off headlights through to mopping up spills.


Cable Ties

Buy  pack of assorted length and width cable ties, you will find them invaluable.


Tank Tape

Tank or Duct tape stick just about anything and is really handy for patches to tents, and generally holding your car together.


Electrical Tape

A decent sized roll of electrical tape is always handy if you have to do any emergency electrical repairs on route.